El Salvador Used Car Import Note

Year Restriction 

  • Car/Truck : Importation is permitted max 8 years old .(Cars and Light trucks)
  • Truck : Max. 15 Years Old (Heavy Trucks)

Documents Required

  • An Original Bill of Landing.
  • An Original Commercial or Purchase Invoice.
  • Your Driver’s License.
  • Your Passport.
  • Original Certificate of Title.
  • Original Vehicle Registration.
  • Certificate from Origin DMV Certifying that the Vehicle Is Not Stolen.

Regulations for importation of vehicles

  • Only licensed importers can import into El Salvador.

(If you want to import a car from El Salvador, please contact the employee.)

  • VIN Re-carving is not allowed
  • Chassis Number, VIN Sticker, and Engine Number are Necessary
  • Only LHD vehicles are allowed
  • require a Certificate of Emissions authorized by a mechanic and authenticated by theSalvadoran Embassy/Consultant at origin, translated into Spanish.

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