Oman Used Car Import Note

Year Restriction 

  • Max. 7 Years Old (Cars & Vans)
  • Max. 10 Years Old (Truck $ Bus)
  • Max. 15 Years Old (Equipment)

Documents Required

  • Original Vehicle Title.
  • Insurance.
  • Export Certificate.
  • An application form to clear the Omani Customs.
  • Proof of completed technical inspection.
  • Import Permission issued by the Omani Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Regulations for importation of vehicles

  • The shipper’s agent must apply for permission from Ministry of Commerce for the import of the vehicle; once obtained, the shipper must to obtain insurance at least 24 hours prior to vehicle arrival in Muscat. These documents along with an authorization letter and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the employer must be filed with Customs.
  • Once clearance is complete, Customs will issue a green form the shipper will need to submit with the Royal Oman Police for the registration of the vehicle. The writer’s office will not be involved with the vehicle’s registration process.
  • For imports from a GCC country, vehicles are allowed duty-free entry if the vehicle is registered in the country of origin and is not older than 2 years prior to import. A statistical report from Customs from the country of origin must show that duty has been paid on a previous shipment. The original statistical report must be filed with Customs in Oman.